Risk Governance


Risk Governance: how to better manage enterprise wide risk and compliance

 Risk Drivers:

  • Financial
  • Regulatory, Legal and Compliance
  • Operational
  • Technology and data security
  • Reputational
  • Strategic


  • Develop training to help the organization understand, define, categorize and rank risks
  • Identify risk inventory, enterprise trends and opportunities for change
  • Assess current risk management and compliance processes and recommend enhancements
  • Build communication programs emphasizing a risk based approach to daily activities
  • Formalize policies and procedures for risk management and compliance
  • Assist in defining and implementing compliance monitoring procedures and reporting


  • Risk management aligned to strategic objectives
  • Enhanced risk management and compliance processes including identification, management and reporting
  • Defined risk management roles and responsibilities as well as policies and procedures
  • Risk focused culture: risk management embedded in training and communications programs