IT and Business Alignment

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IT may or may not be the driver of change but it will have to adapt to support the changing business. It is critical to have the right integration of the IT function with the organization’s strategy, mission, and goals and to proactively assess and address IT related risks.


• Failure to execute on strategic IT goals
• Loss of competitive advantage due to inability to implement new technology
• Inaccurate or untimely information due to a weak procedures and controls for managing and securing data and programs

Services: What we can do for your business

• Present to the Board and upper management on business/IT strategy alignment and their role in effective IT oversight
• Participate in IT Steering Committees, providing insight on companies in similar industries
• Support organizations in their system selection process by performing needs analysis and assessments of applications under consideration
• Evaluate the design and implementation plans for integrated systems, providing feedback on the adequacy of the conversion and testing plans, security controls, and documentation as well as procedures for post “go-live” support
• Lead IT risk assessments and audits
• Develop a company specific self-assessment monitoring process for IT risk management


For Management and the Organization:

• Streamlined and more efficient business processes
• Smoother cultural transition
• Proactive identification and resolution of control gaps
• Reduced fraud and compliance gaps

For IT and Information Security:

• Improved response and service to the business
• Reduced IT change management and maintenance costs
• Improved IT resource utilization

For Compliance:

• Reduced cost of control/compliance
• Proactive identification of issues
• Improved resource utilization
• Decreased time spent on auditing and remediation
• Decreased external audit hours and fees