Controls Optimization


Helps ensure effective and efficient controls at the right cost


• Mergers and acquisitions
• Centralization of services/outsourcing
• System implementations
• Management turnover
• Complexity of systems – multiple systems, duplicated controls, manual controls
• Reliability and timeliness of information
• Governance and compliance requirements – regulatory, SOX

Services: What we can do for your business

• Identification and assessment of the impact of significant changes on processes and controls.
• Documentation of existing processes and controls and report identifying control gaps.
• Quantify the costs associated with the operation and validation of those controls.
• Redesign, automate or implement new controls as needed.
• Develop process flowcharts.
• Assist in designing test plans for optimized controls.
• Design implementation plans including processes to monitor and maintain optimal controls.
• Develop communication plan and training for optimized controls.


• Seeing across the business.
• Understanding technology risks.
• Focusing on the right information and processes.
• Integrate systems and processes along with your operational and financial controls.
• Ensuring effective and efficient controls at the right cost for the organization.
• Clarify roles and responsibilities to enhance accountability for processes and controls.
• IPO readiness as it relates to Sarbanes Oxley requirements.