Transform Your Business by Better Leveraging Technology and Controls

 Diane B. Sklar, Principal Consultant

Diane pioneered the launch and continued management of this consulting firm, serving as a trusted advisor and subject matter expert to clients seeking to secure competitive advantage through system and process enhancements and controls optimization. Leverages broad and deep command of controls, process improvement, IT policy and procedure, organizational development, risk management, and business transformation to continually meet the needs of clients.

Serves an integral role providing competitive advantages to clients through the improvement and optimization of processes and controls, applying expertise in team leadership, process and workflow assessment, and Six Sigma.

Quickly assesses situations, considers alternatives, and builds recommendations for improvements; leads and trains cross functional teams.

Who we are:

Advisory professionals with deep “Big 4” consulting and auditing experience. Consistently help companies create and sustain competitive advantage through process enhancements and controls optimization. Strengths include the ability to quickly assess situations, consider alternatives and present recommendations for  improvements as well as lead and train cross functional teams.

 What we can do for your business:

Most businesses experience changes that impact processes and introduce risks. Successfully implementing significant change requires the integration of the organization’s people, process, information and technology. We work with clients to determine their specific needs. We have expertise in the following areas:

• Controls Optimization,
• IT and Business Alignment,
• Risk Governance

Why Choose Us:

We tailor the best practices found at large public companies to middle market and small entrepreneurial businesses. Having worked with these types of smaller organizations for many years, we understand the needs of our clients as well as their budgets for consulting services.